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Futsal @ Titan Sports Centre

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Futsal @ Titan Sports Centre
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Futsal @ Titan Sports Centre
Posted: 08 Dec 2013, 6:14 PM


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Titan Sports Centre is a newly established futsal arena within the Kota Damansara vicinity to promote a healthier lifestyle and to help foster a closer bond through teamwork within the community and places of work.
We have at present 3 futsal courts (using the PP interlocking system flooring).  
Apart from casual court rental, we are also host to the Titan Futsal League.
The league compromises of 5 divisions for futsal teams to compete in a fair manner and earn the right to be champions. Our league seasons are played over a period of 4 months (approximately 3 times a year).
Facebook: Titan Sports Centre
Contact No.: 03-6145 0899 / 012-2266 125

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